Who may submit articles:

Anyone with a serious interest in space.  People who don’t care about humans in space will be quickly identified by their attitude and eliminated.  A sense of humor is okay but space itself is serious business.  Show professional pride in what you submit since your name is on it.


What may be subject of your article:

Your article can be about almost anything about space.


Stumped for ideas?  Try these:


  • space art — astronomical artists, zero gravity ballet, space movies (not necessarily science fiction), space sculpture, space music, space opera, stage plays about space, and other space arts
  • new books about space
  • daily space reports
  • live space coverage — If you like doing live stuff, then let the editor know and arrangements can be made for faster publishing and updating.  Seriously.  We would actually create a new site from scratch just for live reports with no time delay.  If it happens at 5:02 am then it should be live on the internet at 5:02 am.
  • space magazine — If you like the magazine format, then you need two things: One, a lot of original content about space not duplicated elsewhere.  And two, someone you know who works with you because you are biting off more than you can chew alone.  They can be a friend, pen pal, neighbor, volunteer, employee of yours, who ever you want.  We just suggest that you have a backup person both to help you as well as to fill in for you on days you are not in or sick or otherwise unavailable.  Again, we will go the extra mile to build a Space Magazine around you.  This will possibly be both online magazine as well as hard copy magazine available by US Mail for subscribers and some copies distributed to magazine stores, bookstores, news stands, and supermarkets (many of which have magazines at both checkout as well as a magazine section next to the paperback books).  This is a huge time and money commitment on our part so take it seriously and don’t screw with us.
  • space business — Finding new space companies is the uncovered part of the space news gathering landscape.  We do not care if these new NewSpace companies are two person firms as long as they have a product or service and at least one customer or investor.  There are Wall Street firms that fail miserably at finding new space entrepreneurs and new space companies.  They even fail at finding space penny stocks and space junk bonds.
  • space religion — How about a series where each installment is an article about a denomination’s view of space?   How about speculation as to the outcome of missionaries sent to more advanced civilizations discovered?  Do theologians think about space in divinity school or seminary?  That would make a good article or series.  A study of people who confuse the sky with space with heaven would make a great series involving cultural anthropology, astronomy, education, religion, sociology, other scientific research studies, and opinion polls.  This would be a great for college students or graduate students doing a review of the literature or doing new research under a faculty advisor.
  • space ethics — What code of ethics should be universal in space?
  • space spirituality —   Would a spiritual person use deep space as a place of pilgrimage?  A place for a spiritual retreat and contemplation?  Would monasteries be built on other worlds?  Would some people see deep space travel as a way to get closer to God or have communion with God even knowing that the sky and space are not heaven?  Why do even atheist astronauts find space awe-inspiring?  What obvious aspect of spirituality in space is being overlooked in these questions?
  • space politics:  Should there be free space for everyone or GSP’s (government space programmes) to keep space the preserve of an elite corps of NASA astronauts?  Cut NASA’s budget to zero or transfer the war chest from the Pentagon to NASA and increase its budget one hundred fold?  Outlaw taxes in space or send the IRS to harass everyone?  Peace in space or blow everything to kingdom come and Star Wars?   Suburbs in space or leave it a lifeless desert?  Encourage space settlement and space habitats or make space colonization illegal forever and forbid taxpayers to ever go there?  Deregulate space or tie it up in so much red tape and government paperwork that space entrepreneurs (the only booming part of the economy right now) give up?  (or move to a friendlier country)   People in space or robots in space?    Ease overpopulation and save the Earth or create a Space Berlin Wall and shoot down anyone trying to leave the Earth?  (the so-called Ion Curtain)
  • space nonprofits and NGO’s — space clubs, space societies, space associations, space organizations
  • space sports



Publish your articles daily, weekly or monthly.


Pick a beat.  North America, Europe, South America, Africa, Asia, Oceania, even Antarctica.   Or Earth orbit or science projects/commercial projects on the moon.   Or pick one planet — Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter (& its moons), Saturn (& its moons), Uranus (& its moons), Neptune (& its moons), or Pluto (& its moons).  Yes, I know that Pluto has been demoted.  You could focus your reports on the dwarf planets and planetoids beyond Pluto.  Or you could focus on the Main Asteroid Belt between Mars and Jupiter.  Or you could focus on Earth-resonant/Near Earth Objects such as asteroids and meteoroids because they are likely to be mined by space mining companies, colonized if unsuitable for mining, or dredged out of existence if they are a hazard to navigation like other space junk in orbit.  Or you could cover the Search for Extra Solar Planets whose count of planets in other stellar systems seems to go up daily and whose Holy Grail is finding Earth-like planets.  Or you could cover other galaxies.  Or any area of astronomy.  It is a big universe and there is a lot to choose from and, among cosmologists and astrophysicists, there are even other universes.



You can tell me (the editor) your motivation for submitting articles or you can keep it your secret.  If you tell me your motivation, then I can probably help you reach your goal.  As long as I get good articles about space, then I can figure out some way to help you.  Assuming you want help.  You might not want help and I will respect that choice too.  I cannot pay for articles, hence this paragraph about motivation.  But I can reward contributors in other ways.



1. Contact me the editor with a short note about how you want to submit your articles.  Via email or some other means?  Any technical requirements if it is a photo blog?  Any technical requirements if it is a video blog?  If you feel the need to audition before you start regularly contributing articles as a columnist or reporter, then you can simply post a long comment to show readers what you got.

2. Submit.


It is that easy.

— Your humble editor