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Informative Report

Close to 18 billion kilometres away, a human-made object is about to leave our solar systemfor the first time in the history of the universe.

PRA and PWS: one of two ten-metre Planetary Ra...

Voyager 1 set off on the longest journey ever taken, on May 5, 1977. In the 34 years, nine months and 24 days it has been travelling, it has shot by Jupiter and Saturn, photographing the giant planets and their moons; it has passed the Kuiper belt, the vast cloud of asteroids that lies past the orbit of Neptune; it took the first ”family portrait” of the planets, showing Earth as one more bright point in the black – a pale blue dot among the others.

Now, hurtling silently on at more than 16 kilometres a second, it is reaching the edge of the heliosheath – the final layer of the heliosphere, the bubble of charged particles surrounding our sun…

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