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Scientists have revealed that they have the strongest evidence to date that Saturn’s giant moon may have a salty ocean beneath its chilly surface.

Saturn's largest moon, Titan.If confirmed, it would catapult Titan into an elite class of solar system moons harbouring water, an essential ingredient for life.

Titan boasts methane-filled seas at the poles and a possible lake near the equator. And it has long been speculated that Titan contains a hidden liquid layer, based on mathematical modelling and electric field measurements made by the Huygens spacecraft that landed on the surface in 2005.

The latest evidence is still indirect, but some scientists said it probably was the best that could be obtained short of sending a spacecraft to drill into the surface. The research looked convincing, said Gabriel Tobie of France’s University of Nantes. ”If the analysis is correct, this is a very important finding.”

The finding by international researchers…

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