Fusion not fission. Any step away from fission is a step in the right direction.

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Scientists at UAHuntsville have proposed a scheme that could see a spacecraft propelled through space by using a pulsed nuclear fusion system. To do so, a series of “nuclear slapshots” would apply magnetic pulses in order to slam nuclei into each other inside a hockey puck like structure made of a special lightweight salt. Should it work, this hot gas-propulsed “flying tea kettle” would get us to Mars in weeks rather than months.

Physicists at The University of Alabama in Huntsville’s Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering are developing the “Z-pinch” – a small, lightweight propulsion system. Jason Cassibry, an associate professor of engineering at UAHuntsville, and his team are attempting to drive a hollowed-out puck in on itself, fusing lithium and hydrogen atoms. In other words, nuclear fusion – the process where four hydrogen atoms combine to make one helium atom in which a small amount of matter is…

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