Private industry and nonprofits and NGO’s should settle other worlds such as planets, moons and large asteroids.

Colonizing stars is a stupid idea because stars are hot and any craft that attempted to land would burn up. Colonization on Earth by imperialist nations has always led to wars, colonialism and genocide. Government should not be in space at all. Government Space Programmes (GSP’s) should not even exist. Free Space !!!

We need freedom in space, free enterprise in space , and free space. Let the governments send all their missions to the sun where they will burn up and therefore leave people alone to live in peace without imperialism, without colonialism, and without genocide.

Government is bad and only delivers death and taxes. The whole reason people want to go into space is to get away from government and its death & taxes. People want immortality and freedom and space.

Perspective Check

Two very interesting points were brought up by commenters on the previous post. One point is legal–what is the role of government in space exploration and interplanetary colonization? Up to this point virtually all space exploration has been conducted by governments who saw space as being in their people’s best interest, simply because these were the only agencies who had the resources to do it.

But as technology advances, private companies have begun to announce their intent to get in on the game. In April, a group of private billionaires has formed a company with the goal of mining asteroids for profit. A month later, SpaceX became the first commercial entity to dock a spacecraft at the International Space Station. Shortly thereafter, a Dutch company announced plans to establish a permanent colony on Mars by 2023–which it would fund partially by making life on the red planet’s surface…

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